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Update 10: The day is here, but the robot isn't...


By Sumit Kumar Maitra

The day is finally here. Six months ago when I started building the robot even without knowing whether it will be competing or not, little did I realise I would be where I am today.

Past couple of weeks have been an un-focused mish-mash of this, oh that and that too kind of work. Looking back, it feels dumb. Why would I do that? I have no idea and no time to think about it now. In the next few hours the competition's second day will open and Pi-o-steer will be there with only manual challenges to rely on. That too without a Duck shooting attachment that's -25 to start with.

I have no idea how I miscalculated the time required to actually build v3 of the bot by this much. End result is a pretty looking bot that doesn't do much on its own. Straight line speed is a hit or miss, SOTR haven't tried in ages, likely to fail completely, Minimal maze - after having a 100 ideas about how to do it, zero lines of code to show.

It's 3:38 am, I better get some sleep, I'll do a full post-mortem after the event. Lots of learnings and lots more to learn! Onwards and upwards is all one can hope for!

Special shout out to Douglas Gore of team Rubus TITAN and David Pride of X-Bot fame, their un-ending support and encouragement, big thank you!

Here are some random pictures in place of the big reveal I had in mind!

Final 1 Final 2 Final 3 Final 4 Final 5 Final 6 Final 7