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PiWars at home 2021: The Arena


This is the third post in draft mode that I have about last PiWars (PiWars at Home 2021). A new PiWars has already been announced for 2022. Here I am still trying to catchup with my blogging from last year. Hopefully this one will see the light of the day. This one is about how I made a foldable arena for PiWars challenges. I showed a glimpse in my last post, here are the nitty gritties if you want to build one for yourself.

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PiWars at home 2021: Back to blogging and hello 'Smokey'


Last year, we had qualified for PiWars 2020 and were happily chugging along when personal tragedy struck in October. After a month of suffering, my Dad passed away in November. This dealt a serious blow to my making and blogging morale. (I did give up my PiWars position last year late October). Dad was and will always be my biggest making cheerleader. My hobbies excite me, and I know these things excited him a lot, too. Anyway, the show must go on.

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